Ultimate Guide to Improving sales using a Proven Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Today’s post is going to give you simple and actionable tips to improving your sales and conversion rate using a proven marketing strategy.

You just got through the trouble of finding the perfect product to promote and now your efforts seem to be useless as no sales has been made yet.

This is the major problem internet marketers and marketing newbies are facing, it used to be my problem till I really understood what it meant to sell products.

As an internet marketer you have got the perfect product and you are promoting.

And yet no sells (no marketing plan), and you are starting to get frustrated well don’t be, today I will take you the hand and give the most important tips needed to make more sells.

You just need a marketing strategy.

Without wasting more time let’s get down to the tips.

How to improve sales using a proven marketing strategy

  • Determine why people would but from you

In determining why people will buy from you, you have to understand the following points.

  • Solve a problem with whatever you are selling.
  • Go from solving a product to selling a product never sell a product before solving a problem.
  • Solve the burning of your audience and solve them better than any of your competitors.
  • Research your audience and know them very well before marketing and engaging
  • Research your audience Facebook audience insight, Google adword, Quora, competitor sites and relevant industry forums.

Target your marketing strategies to this profile.

Make your answers very detailed and as accurate as possible because this will be serving as your plan a guide to what you have to achieve.

  • Marketing Strategy 1 – Build your community from the first day.

Build a passionate group of people who trust your brand, visit your site and consider you an expert.

An engaged and growing tribe fuel your business and allow you to sell products at your pace and frequency.

They are qualified and quality leads just waiting for your next sales offer.

Build tribes around needs and interests, not products and sales pitches.

There are many ways to do this

Marketing Strategy
  • Build an email list

This is the most effective and the first step in any online sales funnel.

A sales funnel helps you convert cold traffic into leads, nurture it, and finally turn it into customers.

Traffic – Leads – Sales

The fastest way to get subscribers is the use of lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an ethical bribe, a giveaway (or whatever you want to call it) is a freebie. That people can download giving you their email addresses.

It can be a free eBook, a webinar, cheat sheet, video or anything else that gives immediate value to your readers.

When creating a lead magnet keep these few things in mind

It should solve one problem immediately.

It should be aligned with your paid offer.

It should be easy to download (ask to receive only via their email).

Note: A lead magnet doesn’t need to be a 100 page eBook. It can be an informative single page document or a simple template or a strategy blueprint or checklist for example a blogging checklist before launching a new blog.

To maximize lead generation, display your lead magnet on all the prominent areas of your site like the homepage, slider, at the bottom of every blog post, as a pop-up or anywhere else where your readers can see and notice it (sumome is a good tool and plugin).

Getting email subscribers is just the first step of your sales funnel and it’s the most crucial one since it gives you the permission to contact your readers and build a relationship with them. It gives you a platform to build and nurture your tribe.

You might use other community building methods as well, but all of them should eventually route users to your email list.

  • Create and grow a Facebook group

Facebook group have become one of the best ways to grow vibrant and engaged social media communities. More than 1 billion people use Facebook groups and their number is growing.

Facebook pages are also good when the both are combined but we will stick to Facebook groups as Facebook pages have limited organic reach.

Why is creating a Facebook group so useful for your business?

Facebook groups allows you to interact with other people who’re interested in the solutions you’re offering.

It’s your group, you set the rules and you make the decisions, you control the kind of posts made on your group, moderation and use of language (refuse vulgar words)

Note: But growing a Facebook group demands time and dedication.

To build a high quality group full of value, you need to share your best tips and resources with your group members.

Share knowledge and position yourself as an expert (remember nobody was an expert when they started you learn more with experience).

If you do that successfully, you’ll be able to drive loads of traffic from your Facebook group to your main site where you can turn it into email subscribers.

Note: Traffic is not about millions of people that don’t convert but it’s about the few thousands which turn to customers.

When your group is a vibrant and engaged community, you get traffic regularly to your blog.

  • Enabling browser push notifications

I know that push notifications are annoying, but there are smart ways to place them.

Like it or not browser push notifications are a great way to notify people about new content on your site and generate returning traffic.

The main and ultimate objective of push notifications is also to get people on your site often so that they eventually turn into email subscribers and become a part of your sales funnel.

  • Using Facebook pixel

Ever noticed that after visiting a blog or ecommerce store you see ads mostly from this blogs or you see related products to what you viewed recently.

Well my friend you are being retargeted using Facebook pixel

What is Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is a script that you can simply copy and paste to your sites (blog, ecommerce store or landing page)

You find it in your Facebook ad account manager after it has been set up

Once this code is added to your site, it’ll track all the Facebook users who visit your site within a defined time period and allow you to retarget them.

This is a very powerful tool as its use multiple but the most important it helps you to reengage with your regular customers and win back customers who did not make purchase from your site.

Note: it is a great way to bring back visitors to your site who’ve shown interest in your products.

When building a list don’t forget to engage with them (subscribers) so you don’t look like spam.

Always solve a problem with every post, email or message.

It helps to build trust with your subscribers.

Now that take us to the next step.

  • Create an autoresponder sequence to build trust and authority

Getting people on your email list is just the first part of your funnel, now you have a great opportunity to turn your subscribers into loyal fans who trust you and consider you an expert.

And once the trust you and believe you solve problem they’ll buy any product you create or promote.

To do that you need to set up an automated sequence of emails that’ll be sent to your subscribers over the first few days/ weeks after the opt-in.

Note: the main objective of email marketing is to build a lasting relationship with your subscribers not to simply bombard them with sales emails constantly.

Marketing Strategies

Remember that the trust you and buy from you when you start solving their problem.

You need to use your emails to build trust with your subscribers and redirect them to useful content that ultimately leads to sales.

As an amazon affiliate, you know amazon don’t allow email marketing for their affiliates so instead of sending out your affiliate link via email, create content detailed and actionable product reviews or other content on your site that contain your affiliate links, then share with your subscribers.

Example: choose a product range that you want to promote, create reviews and useful content about them on your site, and promote that content with your autoresponder emails.

Always wow your subscribers with free useful tips and resources via email that’s what you have to do with your autoresponder series.

Autoresponder series

Opt in – Welcome email – Contents – More contents – Related Promotion (product) – Content – More content – Related promotion (Promotion)

More contents, less promotions of products.

A more elaborate and detailed post on building up an autoresponders.

But if you are broke and have no money to invest in an email marketing tool, you can use Mailchimp for setting up your autoresponder

Mailchimp is free up to 2000 subscribers. But if you have money consider aweber.

  • Marketing Strategy 2 – Build your buyer base with an irresistible one-time offer

Marketing strategys

You have an email subscribers list, great! But your competitors have larger ones but the point is who have a buyers list.

Yes, I mean a list of customers who’ve actually spent money on your product or the product you’re promoting.

That’s much more powerful than an email subscriber list full of freebie hunters.

As the have broken that mental barrier which stops most people from actually buying a product online.

And that is going to be done adding a tripwire product.

What is a tripwire?

A tripwire is a really low-cost but high value product which is solely designed to turn your subscribers into buyers.

It’s not your main profit maker it’s just there to break that mental barrier in your subscribers that stops them from spending money, it builds trust.

For example a $7 pdf guide is a tripwire designed to turn you into a buyer.

Note: Both the lead magnet and the trip wire should be closely related.

You can create your own tripwire or hire someone to do it for you it must not be a pdf, it can be a video, software, checklist or the blueprint in audio format etc.

But if you can’t do it then you can outsource it to freelancers on fiverr (you get quality cheap)

You can also use a low cost affiliate product as a tripwire sending out emails to your subscribers directing them to the products landing page.

Most marketers never do this.

They simply send a welcome email to new subscribers and forget them not telling them they next thing to do, next link to click.

This is a small but mighty step that can boost sales.

Note: Both tripwire and leadmagnet needs to offer immense value and have to relate to the high end product if it’s a $5 or $7 resource, give $100 of value so that your buyer is blown away and ready to purchase your high ticket product.

  • Maximize profits with multi-layer upsells and cross-sells

Okay now we have turned cold website traffic into email subscribers and converted subscribers into buyers with irresistible tripwires.

Now it’s time to upsell and offer your high ticket product at a special limited time discount rate.

As you won’t have to do a lot of selling for your flagship product.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your shelves are emptied.

This is exactly the strategy bushra azhar used to make more than $200k sales on her flagship product priced at $2000+ with a staggering 22% subscriber to buyer ratio.

But don’t stop there

Maximize your profits, unleash the power of cross-selling as well.

Don’t get it?

This is what Alibaba, Amazon and Clickbank does to you all the time.

Example: when selling an LCD monitor, you will have to sell it with other related accessories like mouse, keyboard and light pen.

Research shows that this is where amazon actually makes most of its profits from complementary products.

Replicate this in your own business

When a subscriber purchases your flagship product, pitch other related products they might need.

Which is only possible when you have an email list and a sales funnel.

Which is why I explained it in detail.

As an affiliate, how do I make upsell when I don’t control the sales process?

Here’s a simple blueprint you can adopt

When a subscriber opens your initial email and clicks on your main offer, send them another email promoting your upsell immediately.

You can do this creating condition based autoresponders in any leading email marketing software.

Most autoresponders software allow you to setup automation rules where if someone clicks on a link in your emails they can be “tagged” as interested in that topic and added to a new list where they receive more emails about that topic.

So let’s say you send out an email about “golf” and add them to a series of emails all about golf with promotional emails to golf shoes, gloves and other gears, guides and tutorials mixed in.

This means you’re sending super relevant content and offers to each subscriber based on what they’ve told you they enjoy and not bombarding your whole list with topics they aren’t 100% interested in.

Again, you don’t need to create the upsell yourself. You can simply grab a higher priced product that is aligned with the main offer and frame it as an upsell in your emails.

But you can only do this when you have people on your email list.

Which is why using a lead magnet and a tripwire is so important.

  • Publish high-quality contents to engage non buyers and attract new visitors.

Content is king. This is exactly what keeps your subscribers engaged and informed. Majority of your subscribers will end up no becoming buyers.

But that doesn’t make any less important, both buyers and non-buyers are your assets. You just need to create a return path for them so that they’re added to funnel again from the start.

So we need high quality and actionable content and keep offering them free value, so that they remain engaged with your brand.

The benefits being that, it gives you another opportunity to convince non-buyers and turn them into buyers.

Another benefit being, adding buyers to your sales funnel again allows you to sell them more products in future and increase the number of transactions per customer.

Plus, publishing content regularly to attract new visitors to your site should be added to your sales funnel.

You create a funnel for subscribers with no purchases made, and the subscribers that have made purchase another funnel.

And all this can be automated using email marketing and automation tools.

  • Marketing Strategy 3 – Diversify your traffic sources

Traffic is useless without a system to earn money simply turning cold traffic into subscribers and finally buyers.

Traffic is only important after everything has been set-up.

Smart marketers know that diversification in traffic sources is key to a successful and sustainable online business.

Send traffic to your products, diversify find out the traffic sources that work for you and use it.

  • Paid traffic (Fb ads, PPC, CPA, CPL)
  • SEO
  • Social media traffic (fb, twitter, pinterest, instagram)
  • Email marketing
  • Article sites (e-zine)
  • Forums

And other dozens of traffic generation ideas.

What are your thoughts?

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